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Auto & Manual Car Training

"Driving is the controlled operation and movement of a motor vehicle, Permission to drive on public highways is granted based on a set of conditions being met and drivers are required to follow the established road and traffic laws in the location they are driving."

Actually It’s exciting that a new client is readying to learn how to drive a car. Because many cars come in both manual and automatic versions. But what’s the difference? Essentially, it’s down to the gearbox: with a manual car, you’ll have to change gears yourself, while an automatic car changes gears by itself, depending on the speed at which you’re driving.

This means that manual cars have some extra elements that doesn’t appear in automatic cars: a gear stick and a third pedal to control the clutch. Actually it's not to be fear. There is no any big difference between auto and manual cars other than clutching and shifting gears when you get the training properly. Drivers of manual cars also sometimes experience stalling when trying to get their car into gear. Automatic cars are easier to drive, as you don’t have to worry about clutch control or using a gear stick. For this reason, some people choose to learn to drive with an automatic car.

However, doing so comes with some drawbacks. If you pass your driving test with an automatic car, you’re only legally allowed to drive automatic cars. Learning to drive with a manual transmission means your license will allow you to drive either kind (Class B Driving License), so you’ll have more options to drive dual purpose vehicles(Class G1 Driving License) too.

Imagine, when a person who has a “B” class Auto car driving license wants to obtain a “A” class heavy vehicle (Bus) license , he will have to train to drive a “B” class manual vehicle .But it will take some time and will also cost some money. Although to obtain “A” class license one needs to complete 2 years of training, if an applicant has not obtained such training, to obtain bus driver training one will have to take additional effort.

Therefore, Southern Express Driving School, we provide helpful, evidence-based resources on how to help our clients to drive during the supervised driving stage of licensure with unlimited training hours by reasonable rates with easy installment plans. Learning to drive can be challenging for everyone involved, but we hope to empower our clients to make the most of supervised driving practice and to view it as a rewarding experience.


Stage 01 : Consists of ten hours period of Academic Lessons, mainly focused to the Written Test which conducted by The Department of Motor Traffic to obtain Learner’s Permit.

Stage 02 : Consists of 06 online mock exams with deep discussions focused to the written test by DMT.

Stage 03 : Consists of unlimited road driving practical lessons which covers the entire area with driving ethics, traffic laws, self-confidence, and discipline on real practical environment.


*Unexpired National Identity Card | Passport

*Original Copy of the Birth Certificate

*Medical Certificate

*Provide the copy of your current driving license ( If available)

*05 Nos of 35mm x 45mm (Passport Size) Black & White photos

*GS Certificate (If the applicant's name & address is different than the Birth Certificate)

*Employment Service Confirmation Letter from the current employer. (If the applicant is living in a different district)