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Motor Cycle Training

"Riding is the controlled operation and movement of a motor cycle, Permission to drive on public highways is granted based on a set of conditions being met and drivers are required to follow the established road and traffic laws in the location they are driving."

Motorcycle riding is an accessible and cheap form of transport for many people in sri lanka, particularly in low and middle class people who other forms of private transport are not affordable. Motorcycle riders, however, account for a relativelyhigh proportion of road traffic-related fatalities and injuries in Sri Lanka these days.

The lack of experience of many motorcycle riders has been cited as one potential cause of motorcycle crashes. Training of motorcycle riders has there fore been suggested as an important countermeasure for reducing both the number of crashes and these verity of injuries. It is clear that riders need to learn how to ride a motorcycle but there is conflicting evidence about the right type of training.

Therefore, Southern Express Driving School, we provide task of discovering the most annoying riding habits according to below mentioned motor bike catagories with evidence-based resources on how to help our clients to ride during the supervised riding stage of licensure with unlimited training hours by reasonable rates with easy installment plans.

1.   Light motor cycles(Auto) of which Engine Capacity does not exceeds 100CC

2.   Motorcycles (Clutch) of which Engine capacity exceeds 100CC

Learning to ride can be challenging for everyone involved, but we hope to empower our clients to make the most of supervised riding practice and to view it as a rewarding experience.


Stage 01 : Consists of ten hours period of Academic Lessons, mainly focused to the Written Test which conducted by The Department of Motor Traffic to obtain Learner’s Permit.

Stage 02 : Consists of 06 online mock exams with deep discussions focused to the written test by DMT.

Stage 03 : Consists of unlimited road driving practical lessons which covers the entire area with driving ethics, traffic laws, self-confidence, and discipline on real practical environment.


*Unexpired National Identity Card | Passport

*Original Copy of the Birth Certificate

*Medical Certificate

*Provide the copy of your current driving license ( If available)

*05 Nos of 35mm x 45mm (Passport Size) Black & White photos

*GS Certificate (If the applicant's name & address is different than the Birth Certificate)

*Employment Service Confirmation Letter from the current employer. (If the applicant is living in a different district)